Technical Support - FAQ


Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about CompensationMaster software. If your question is not answered here, please contact technical support at:

Phone:  +1 704-731-0070  (available 9am - 5pm EST)



Q- My license information has disappeared and the program is prompting me to reenter the Access Code.

A- Internet Explorer 8 has changed how the license information is submitted to the web site.  To correct this, call Technical Support and ask to have your personal License reset. Then proceed to reenter your Access Code, Company and Contact Names and authenticate to reregister your License. Exit the program to complete the process.

Q- I've encountered an installation error on the file URLMON.DLL. What should I do?

A- You are connected to the Internet while performing the install. Press 'Ignore' and the installation should complete normally. If not, uninstall the program through Control Panel then reboot and install again, this time remembering to disconnect from the Internet before starting the install and to reconnect only after the installation is complete.

Q- I've encountered a "Processing..." or "Download In Progress" message that has been displaying for 10 minutes or more. I think the program has stalled. What should I do?

A- Exit the program. Copy all data files that you want to keep, such as .pln files, to a safe place. Uninstall CompensationMaster, reboot and reinstall a fresh copy of CompensationMaster.

Q- I cannot find the installation file I downloaded from the CompensationMaster web site. Where is it?

A- When saving the downloaded webcomplete6.6.exe file, by default it is saved to c:\temp. To run the install, exit the zip program. Then in Internet Explorer go to c:\temp and double click on the setup.exe file.

Q- My server or PC is blocking EXE and or ZIP files. How can I get around this?

A- Have your tech support person put an approval in the Internet Explorer rules to recognize CompensationMaster as a trusted web site.

Q- How do I get a data (scenario) file loaded into CompensationMaster?

A- Think of a scenario file like you would a Microsoft Word document, with one exception: the file extension is .pln rather than .doc. If the file was e-mailed to you, open the e-mail and save the attached .pln file to your CompensationMaster folder. If you accepted the default settings at installation time it should be C:\Program Files\CM6.6.

Q- Access Code 4OI8AB does not work; I am typing the number 0 and a lower case "L".

A- Access Codes do NOT contain any lower case letters or the numbers "0" or "1". If you see an "O", type the letter "O" rather than the number "0". If you see an "I", type the letter "I" rather than the number "1" or a lower case "L". If an "L" is required it will be displayed as "L" in your welcome letter.

Q- How do I keep files I created in this or another version of CompensationMaster and reload them into my current version?

A- Copy your existing .pln files to a safe place, either to another folder on your hard disk, network or to a removable disk. Then copy these files into your new copy of CompensationMaster. The next time you run CompensationMaster these files will show up in the file list.

Q- My reports won't print. What should I do?

A- 1) Check your default print in Control Panel, and confirm it is set properly.  Confirm other software packages printer properly, like MSWord etc. 2) In CompensationMaster click on the 'Report' tab.  Half way down on the right side of the screen is an 'Output to' box.  Make sure the word 'PRINTER' is in that box, then close the screen.  Reopen it to confirm the change.  3) In the top Toolbar click 'Configuration'.  Select 'Report Destination' and confirm the word 'Printer' is in the 'Type 'Printer' or enter a filename' box, then exit the program. 

Q- Some of my imported Commission Plan files are missing, what should I do?

A- 1) Look at the original Commission Plan and confirm that the description field contains some information. 2) If that field is blank then add a description and confirm that the description now exists in the plans list.  3) Create a new Export file.  4) Import the Commission Plan again using the new Export file.

Q- Error 30009 displays when attempting to add an item to a list, what should I do?

A- Go to Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced, and change the DPI setting from Large Size to Normal Size, apply the changes, and reboot for this change to take effect.

Q- What issues are involved when installing on Windows VISTA and/or Windows 7?

A-Windows VISTA and Windows 7 users install normally. Turn OFF 'User Account Control' in 'Control Panel' then restart you PC/Laptop. Finally download and install WinHlp32.exe from  

Q- What issues are involved when REINSTALLING Commission Planner on a PC/Laptop that already has it installed?

A-To reinstall Commission Planner follow this process:  1) Uninstall Commission Planner through Control Panel  2) In Explorer, delete the folder c:\program files\cm6.6 (if it is still there)   3) RESTART the Laptop/PC . Finally install a fresh copy of Commission Planner from our Web Site.  

Q- I am seeing a 'file access error 75' when running Commission Planner, what should I do?

A-Commission Planner may be on a PC/Laptop which is connected to a network.  As a result your user profile may prevent read/write access to the Customization file.  See your network Administrator and have him/her change your user rights to full permissions including parental rights.

Q- I am seeing a 'file access error 75' when running Commission Planner on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, what should I do?

A-When running Commission Planner on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, right click the Commission Planner link/icon and select ‘run as Administrator’ from the pop-up menu.

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