In April 2014, CM Global Partners was created with the exclusivity of being powered by CompensationMaster™ software.  

CompensationMaster™ was co-founded in 1985, by David J. Cocks in Canada, and was shortly after moved to Charlotte, North Carolina as a permanent headquarters.  

CM Global Partners took over the consultancy expertise of CompensationMaster™ - leaving the company to purely focus on its technology - while offering ongoing support in an exclusive arrangement using proprietary and specialized sales compensation solutions unlike any other software in the world. 

CompensationMaster™ technology is a matrix of complicated processes interlaced with other processes effectively calculating a circle, which in turn facilitates an optimized answer using Pareto Optimality. Pareto Optimality is expressed by scholars as “The best that can be achieved without disadvantaging at least one group.”

CompensationMaster™ processes have been applied to industries such as Automotive, Distribution, Financial, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Retail, Real Estate and Telecommunications.

CM Global Partners provides the same level of consulting support as CompensationMaster™ has since 1985, but now also allows consulting and smaller companies to join our partnership program and use our exclusive software and specialized sales compensation solutions.

Our processes have been proven over more than 25 years in a variety of industries; we have helped design plans currently used by over 65,000 sales representatives globally.