WIN Sales & Marketing Programs

WIN Sales and Marketing Programs is a one-stop-shop for sales solutions.

Based in Cyprus and Lebanon we serve the EMEA region and cater for businesses like Banks, IT, Retail, Hospitality and heavy machinery - among others. Our main objective is to help organisations achieve better profitability and growth.

WIN Sales and Marketing Programs goal is to develop and grow companies' sales and boost individuals' performance through various tools such as sales effectiveness solutions, sales compensation solutions, sales hiring, sales training and coaching and certifications. Through our unique expertise, we can identify and develop talents and implement a coherent sales structure that can generate profits for your organization.

Kurlan & Associates, Inc.

Kurlan & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Dave Kurlan, a renowned expert in sales force assessments, training and strategic growth strategies. The firm has helped companies of all sizes achieve growth, improve margins, recruit stronger sales people and develop high-performing sales professionals for a quarter of a Century.

The management and senior consultants at Kurlan & Associates bring over 120 years of bothdomestic and international experience to clients. We pride ourselves on providing unprecedented services to all size businesses from small entrepreneurial companies to Fortune 500 corporations. We have earned recognition for our expertise spanning over 200 industries for our cutting-edge and results-oriented approach to sales growth.

We look forward to discussing your unique reasons for wanting to improve the results of your sales team and/or the profitability of your company. Our management and senior consultants invite you to contact us for more information.

Prima Resource

Prima Resource specializes in sales culture and performance optimization for B2B companies in Canada. We act on all the dimensions of processes and people that impact sales performance including sales management, recruitment, compensation, sales DNA, pipeline management, sales enablement, sales force evaluation, and sales messaging. Our motto: the worst sales strategy perfectly executed will produce better results than the best sales strategy poorly executed.


Chris Westlake is a premier CompensationMaster Global Partner. With a BA from Davidson College and an MBA from Duke University, for over two decades, Chris worked at all levels of large and small organizations in a variety of positions across departmental and functional boundaries in several industries and sectors. Through those experiences, he found that most people had one thing in common they wanted to be bigger, better, further, faster simply put, they wanted to grow. However, for many, the urgent needs of the moment, which come in endless waves, tend to overwhelm their goal.

Although the needs of each situation vary, Growth Catapults philosophy is the same: 1) focus on the right thing by developing a deep understanding the leaders concerns and the consequences; 2) utilize science-based tools to identify root causes of the problems; and 3) collaboratively implement customized solutions using the best tools available to help leadership overcome their barriers to growth. Chris has chosen CMGP to position clients to lead in their markets by attracting, motivating, and retaining superior salespeople who are incentivized to continually over-achieve by offering compensation plans that enable the company, the salespeople, and the shareholders to win.

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