Executive Team

David J. Cocks - CEO

David is a visionary and thought leader in LEAN Sales Compensation. He is the founder of CompensationMaster, a powerful software using LEAN process improvement, which fixes and enriches sales compensation plans to improve retention, recruiting, net income and shareholder value.

His 25 plus year compensation career includes extensive experience in Pareto Optimality, LEAN thinking, change management, theory of constraints, accounting, socio-economics, financial modelling, sales compensation (teams, management, over-rides, channel partners), incentives, transparency and fairness. 

David is the co-author of "Compensation Planning: The Key to Profitability."

He is highly respected in the industry, quoted frequently as an expert in sales force compensation, has had a number of articles published, and speaks often at industry events.

Kevin Klump - Director of LEAN Implementation

Kevin is a LEAN implementation expert with more than twenty-five years of experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. He has applied LEAN to operational processes in a wide range of companies including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, software, aerospace and food, and within a wide range of functions including logistics operations, sales, marketing, R&D, quality assurance and project engineering.

Kevin has improved sales and marketing by applying LEAN techniques to existing process flows. He is a leader at applying LEAN to software or virtual processes and has many published articles. He has increased the competitiveness of companies by applying LEAN in areas most companies never thought possible.

He is an expert at mentoring companies with an existing LEAN improvement program to achieve greater results.

Carlene Byrne - Director of Finance and Administration

Carlene’s financial background makes her a unique fit at CM Global Partners. 

Her previous worked included twenty three years as Chief Financial Officer where she oversaw all corporate accounting, human resources and IT. 

She has been involved in over fifteen mergers and acquisitions and is a proven and skilled professional with an intimate knowledge of CompensationMaster’s plan designs.

Hill Carson - Senior Consultant

Hill Carson completed 20 years of service in the U.S. Navy prior to becoming a consultant to logistics, financial, and information technology firms. 

His extensive consulting experience includes training, computing least-cost routing for shipping, and the design, implementation, and management of information systems for multiple organizations. 

He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science and brings an invaluable mathematical background to CM Global Partners.

Victor Vaca - Director of Communications and Organizational Leadership

Victor is a nationally renowned and accomplished, communication leadership, and performance coach.  His vision for the future is what drives his innovative spirit and encourages leaders to continually evolve, ahead of the curve of their competitors.

With more than 20 years experience he has a unique understanding of the issues facing companies and sales rep compensation today. Together with his vision, tenacity and leadership skills he has successfully helped propel firms from startup to expand them into the top 25 U.S. markets.

Victor is highly respected and has coached and consulted with hundreds of companies and sales managers. He is a certified DISC trainer, certified axiological practitioner, certified leadership coach, and speaker and trainer.