CompensationMaster™ is a software company specializing in systemizing and creating Sales Force Compensation using Strength Based LEAN Six Sigma Principles.


Since 1985 we have devoted our expertise to helping companies increase productivity and profitability by successfully creating and managing incentive programs by applying lean to sales and compensation. Our sales force compensation software (or sales compensation management software) is currently used to manage more than 70,000+ sales professionals globally.

Our clients achieve brilliant results - including: 

* Significant production and revenue increases of circa 30%; 

* Financial stability in challenging times - positioning clients to acquire competitors and create job security; 

* Sales force retention rates of circa 97%.



Create multiple compensation plans, then analyze the effect, before introducing it to your sales force. Our degree of accuracy is $100 per $1,000,000 or Six Sigma. No more guessing. 


Define your commission plans in minutes. Enter competitor plans and easily generate graphs to compare. Show a recruit although the other company's plan sounds better, it really isn't. Recruit or retain with confidence - anytime! 


Link everyone in the organization through the Lean Six Sigma Process to have a seamless synergy across all functioning groups. The origin of our process is with the sales force. We help owners frustrated by sales people gaming the system and break the status quo. 


Design multiple styles of commission plans for greater choice. Our software receives your data and every company is a customized approach. Total flexibility of the software to design compensation plans as best suited for your company - always connecting expenses and sales distribution - and any other constraints like a desired return to shareholders or a specialized tax. 


Five or 50,000 sales associates - the system computes the solution and outcome equally as fast.