CM Global Partners is a continuous improvement consulting company specializing in applying Strength Based Lean Six Sigma to Sales Performance Management through our partnership network.

We offer various partnership levels to use our process and proprietary software as a service to Sales Consultants, Accountants, Financial Consultants and Business Consultants to help their clients develop leading edge sales compensation systems.

Through our partnership network, we have the leading edge in sales compensation strategy by engaging the sales representative in the process to gain a competitive edge - resulting in reduced turnover, increased productivity, market share and profitability.

We assist in strategic planning and the creation of profitable sales compensation solutions, which work for the company and sales representatives.

Talk to a consultant and discover how, becoming a partner, can allow you to have a greater positive impact on your clients business.

Our approach directly ties the sales representative’s compensation to the company’s profit-and-loss removing pain, waste and conflict in the process.


CM Global Partners is powered by CompensationMaster - a unique and proven software powered by a robust algorithm (sales force compensation software or sales compensation management software). Founded in 1985, CompensationMaster software is exclusive to CM Global Partners and is currently used by over 70,000+ sales representatives globally. CompensationMaster software assists in the design of incentive based sales compensation strategies and plans. 

We work with passionate and forward thinking companies seeking to improve profitability, productivity in their sales force and increased capabilities towards recruiting-and-retaining highly productive sales representatives.

Our sales compensation solution process is [(People + Math) – Waste] = Optimal Solutions.

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powered by compensationmaster™

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We chose CompensationMaster to help us re-design our compensation plans because we had gone through a series of mergers and acquisitions that had grown the company from 10 offices with 350 sales people to 65 offices with over 3,500 associates. With each merger we inherited another batch of compensation plans. We wanted new plans that were fair and consistent, where everyone would be treated equally. We also wanted them to be competitive, to help us recruit and retain all the best people in our market.
— CFO of a Large Super Regional company based in Devon, PA